Charm Palace Porto Guesthouse
Check-in from 13:30 to 18:00
Arrivals after 18:00 have an extra cost of 30 euros and also need to be organized in advance.

Contact us, we are pleased to help you!


Now more than ever we want our guests to feel safe and welcomed

thus we are extremely proud to be distinguished as a “Clean & Safe” guesthouse,

still providing excellent service and complying with Health Measures to guarantee

you get the best out of your stay!


Buffet isn’t available so as a fresh and tasty alternative we have a breakfast box

Delivered at your room every day at the time of your choice (7h – 10:30h)

For your comfort and safety.


*fresh bread and pastry, ham & cheese, jam & butter, coffee or tea, milk, and orange juice

We reinvented the luxury

Located in the heart of the historic center of Porto, near Santa Catarina street and Bolhão Market, Charm Palace Porto is one of the most romantic buildings in the city, one of the few that retains the charm of a bourgeois residence from the early 1900s.

The building has been completely restored with a design strategy centered on the renovation of the entire building, returning its original architectural value.

The 5 spacious and comfortable suites have a 5 meter high ceiling, walls decorated with original “STUCCHI, featured by a mix of traditional Portuguese patterns with modern shapes and furniture.
There is also a very confortable living room with a charming fireplace, the perfect place where take a break with a glass of porto-wine
In the courtyard, you will find a minimal garden with a carpet of lush grass and tall Italian cypresses.

The focal point of the building is a skylight (Claraboia), which captures the cosmopolitan and warm atmosphere of Charm Palace Porto. 

The idea was to create a guesthouse where guests can meet and mix with local creativity, and where they are treated as friends and will want to return again and again.



E-mail: info@charmpalaceporto.comCheck in from 13:30 to 18:00
(after 18h there is a  30€ late check-in fee)